Rest home "Aynalayn"

Double room

Double room
Sleeping places
Double room in a wooden house with no amenities. The rooms have two single beds, fridge, clean linens. The bathroom is common in a separate building. 2 rooms located in a small house. These numbers are very convenient for the company from 4 people. The beach is across the road.
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Rest home "Aynalayn"
10 000 KZT
10 000 KZT
Six-seater double room suite in a brick house with no amenities. The room has 4 single beds. Table, chairs, refrigerator, air conditioning. The bathroom is...
Rest home "Aynalayn"
25 000 KZT
25 000 KZT
Double decker wooden houses are designed for a family of 5 persons, on the ground floor has a double bed, the second with three single...
6 000 KZT
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Balhash, Torangalyk, Torangalyk village
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