Holyday home "Flamingo"

Holyday home
The recreation area "Flamingo" is located in the resort village Torangalyk, across the street from the beach, near the picturesque Lake Balkhash. It is very clean, well-groomed area. The recreation area is located 150 meters from the shore. Prices and services will pleasantly surprise guests. Additional services Trestle beds Hotel for a cozy tea, barbecue, home cooking. The rooms have everything you need: bathroom, air conditioning, satellite TV, refrigerator. In the recreation area there is a shop where you can buy things essentials. There is also a shared shower with hot and cold water and a toilet. There are a cozy porch near each house.
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Holyday home "Flamingo"
10 000 KZT
10 000 KZT
Triple rooms have three single or one double and one single bed. The rooms have a bathroom (shower, toilet, sink), air conditioning, refrigerator, satellite TV....
Holyday home "Flamingo"
8 000 KZT
8 000 KZT
The quadruple rooms feature two double beds or four twin beds. The rooms have a refrigerator, TV and air conditioning. All amenities on the same...
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Balhash, Torangalyk, Torangalyk village
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