Hollyday house "Tango"

Hollyday house
The recreation area "Tango", an excellent recreation area in Barkovsky area, near the town of Balkhash, situated on the lake and has its own sandy beach. On the beach there are comfortable wooden chairs and umbrellas. Very well-kept area, helpful and courteous staff. The double rooms have everything for a comfortable stay, all the amenities in the room, air conditioning, satellite TV, refrigerator. The territory has a cozy outdoor cafe, where you can relax from the scorching sun and tasty lunch. The room rate is 15 000 tenge per day.
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Hollyday house "Tango"
15 000 KZT
15 000 KZT
In the pension there are 8 double rooms, which are equipped with all necessary facilities for a comfortable stay and a bathroom in the room,...
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Balhash, Barkovsky area,
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