Hollyday home "Sat"

Hollyday home
The recreation area "Sat" is located in the resort village Torangalyk near the Balkhash town . The sand and pebble beach is located across the street. The recreation area has a small well-groomed territory with neat gazebo where you can relax from the scorching heat and a snack the whole family. Also located on site has an indoor cafe where you will be served homemade food at any time. The room rate is 3500 tenge per person per day. The rooms have air conditioning, refrigerators, satellite TV, toilet and sink. Shower with hot water is located on the same property.
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Hollyday home "Sat"
10 500 KZT
10 500 KZT
The cozy rooms in which there is a bathroom (sink, toilet), air conditioning, TV and fridge, clean linens and towels. Shower with hot water are...
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Balhash, Torangalyk, Torangalyk village
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