Holiday house "Nayzatas"

Holiday house
Holiday House is located in the village of Torangalyk, on the front line 150 meters from the lake. The territory has a street theater, dancing evenings, table tennis, children's playground, sauna. Own fenced beach. Scooter, banana, parachute, for a fee. Types of rooms: Standard 2, 3, 4-bed (toilet and shower in a separate building, room bed, table with chairs, refrigerator, wardrobe, air conditioning) from 4500 tenge to 5,500 tenge per person per day. Superior 2, 3-bed (single beds, air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, wardrobe. All facilities in the room) from 6,000 tenge to 8,000 tenge per person per day. Family rooms are 2 bedrooms and a hall (1 bedroom-double bed, wardrobe and 2-bedroom with two single beds, lounge, sofa, two armchairs, TV, air conditioning, kitchen utensils, electric kettle, all the amenities in the room) 2 storey house (2 nd floor consists of two double and single beds, air conditioning, 1 st floor - sofa, two armchairs, TV, refrigerator All facilities in the room.) 30,000 Tenge price per room without food up to 8 people. 8000 tenge cost of food per person for stays of 6 people per room. 9000 tenge value of 5 people in the room. 10500 tenge cost of food per person for stays of 4 people in the room.
Stats total: 19552
Stats month: 527
Stats week: 226
Stats today: 19
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Holiday house "Nayzatas"
30 000 KZT
30 000 KZT
Double floor cottage for 8 persons. On the second floor there are two double and one single bed and air conditioning. The first floor consists...
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Balhash, Torangalyk, Torangalyk village
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