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Friendly staff «Comfort House Balkhash» guest house invites you to relax in comfortable rooms. The guest house consists of 12 comfortable rooms. Some have a seating area. It offers a beautiful view of Lake Balkhash and the city. The beach can be reached in just 2 minutes. The reception is open around the clock. Here, the best value for money in the city of Balkhash! All rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, air-conditioned and decorated in an elegant contemporary style. The private bathroom with shower and toiletries, slippers, bathrobes, towels. You can also use the sauna, billiards, karaoke at a reasonable additional cost. Throughout the guest house «Comfort House Balkhash» have free Wi-Fi. Here you will get an unforgettable pleasant stay !!!
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Guest house "Comfort House" | Balkhash
15 000 KZT
15 000 KZT
Room with 1 bed or 2 separate beds. Amenities include air conditioning, cable TV, wireless Internet Wi-Fi. It offers a beautiful view of Lake Balkhash...
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Balhash, Balhash, Quarter Veterans Building 1
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