The recreation zone "Andromeda"

The recreation zone
The recreation zone "Andromeda" is located on the shore of Lake Balkhash, in the village of Chubar-Tubek. The pension is small, sandy beach across the road. On the territory there are 12 houses with no amenities. There are 4, 6-bedded rooms. Hot water shower and toilet area. On the territory there is a gazebo and playground. Access permitted with their products. There are barbecue, kettle and gas cooker.
Stats total: 24400
Stats month: 546
Stats week: 122
Stats today: 2
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The recreation zone "Andromeda"
12 000 KZT
12 000 KZT
Comfortable 4-bed room to satisfy every guest. The room has a fridge and air conditioning. The room rate is 3000 tenge per person.
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Address and contact
Balhash, Chubar-Tubek, Central Str. 38
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