ATB "Grand Hotel" | Atyrau


 ATB "Grand Hotel" - a prestigious hotel complex in the center of the city of Atyrau, we have European quality and Asian hospitality.

"Grand Hotel" is a modern hotel, your tourist destination for both work and recreation. The noise of the streets you do not disturb hotel is made of high-tech soundproofing materials.
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Street parking
Shopping center
Swiming pool
Fitness center
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ATB "Grand Hotel" | Atyrau
33 300 KZT
33 300 KZT
From 2 to 5 floor there inclusively are standard rooms, which consist of the following premises: Bedroom. A double bed, three-door wardrobe, bedside tables, wall...
ATB "Grand Hotel" | Atyrau
43 000 KZT
43 000 KZT
From 6 to 7 floors there is deluxe area. Two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and two restrooms: Double bed, three-door wardrobe, bedside tables, wall shelves,...
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Marcus Bays, 09:17, 12 Mar 2020 Negative
А place for cheating husbands and partners of loyal wives and girlfriends to get laid, absolute disgrace, the hotel should be shut down , an insult to the muslim people.
Marcus Bays, 08:24, 8 Jan 2019 Negative
this hotel is fine and a good place to get a prostituite, they are walking the corridors so you dont have to go out looking for one.
Address and contact
Atyrau, md Saryarka; Satpayev; Kulmanov;, 111 Azattik av.
Object orient: SH "Shilkima"
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