"Nothern Lights" housing estate - luxury apartments in the centre of Astana with the window view to Bayterek and Khan Shatyr, Korme exhibition centre and Keryen Mall

If you like the modern creative architectural constructions, you will like the "Nothern Lights" apartments by all means. The modern housing estate is in Green Water Boulevard (Nurzhol Boulevard) which is located on the left coast in the neighbourhood from shopping and recreation center "Keruyen", exhibition complex "Korme", the mosque "Nour Astana" and Bayterek. The project was put in operation in 2011 and it is considered one of the most interesting constructions of the city.

Three towers of an unusual form will make you conceited, height of one of these is 180 meters (41 floors). The complex looks fabolous by the light of night fires, and that time you will see those nothern lights, especially if  you look from below up. The highest capital housing estate is equipped with silent elevators, system of protection and video surveillance. For convenience of residents of the house there is a covered parking, product shops, beauty shops and cafe. If you want to buy products or to make a hairdress, just go down in specially designed three-storyed stylobat.

You will be pleasantly surprised by convenient and sometimes non-standard planning of apartments, and tremendous views will open from windows. You can relax at home and admire the city or walk on the boulevard, rise on Bayterek and enjoy the city of the future. Nurzhol Boulevard is full of sights, for example opposite to a housing estate there is "The Emerald quarter" and more one high-rise building called "lighter". Between them there are office of "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" and "The Kazmedia  center". Rent these apartments is convenient not only for tourists, but also for work travelers because of proximity of office buildings and the ministries here. Renting apartment in Aparthotel "Nothern Lights" you will feel yourself  like at home. In your arrangement there will be a comfortable furniture, modern household appliances, central air, always fresh linen, towels and dressing gowns, and breakfast (includes in cost). "Nothern Lights" apartments is comfortable housing in the new house and place of sightseeing.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (Pyramid)

Unbelievable, but in Kazakhstan there is the pyramid. The modern building constructed by Norman Foster's project is located at 37 Tauyelsizdik street. The pyramid bears idea of the world, consent and tolerance, and 130 pigeons on a glass dome symbolize a multinationality of Kazakhstan. here is a park near the Palace where you can reflect on global modern values, the everyday problems and just breathe fresh air. If you cross the road, you can see one more sight of the capital - a monument "The Kazakh eli", and near it there is a Palace of independence and the Palace of creativity "Shabyt", one more construction with non-standard architectural concept.

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Independence Square and monument "The Kazakh Eli"

Amazing panoramic views of a left bank of Astana open from Independence Square. All power and freedom of the country is felt on the square among majestic monuments and fountains. There are the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the unique Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, the cathedral mosque Hazret-Sultan, National university of arts "Shabyt" in the neighbourhood.  The white marble colonnade and a stele, modern palaces and the museum show all power and freedom of modern Kazakhstan. New central square with fantastic architectural constructions in Astana - is the place obligatory for visit.

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"Triumph Astana" apartments

On the left coast there is a building which similar to MSU. Actually it is "Triumph Astana" apartments which is located at 11 Kabanbay batyr street. The complex consists of  7 sections and includes a set of apartments of the different area, cafe, restaurants, ATMs, supermarkets, shops, the round-the-clock place of medical attendance, a gym and even the 25-meter pool. All entrances have concierges and system of protection work. Tourists who want to live in the new center can stop not only in rental apartments , but also in hotel on upper floors. An excellent decision for tourists – is Aparthotel "Triumph Astana" where service flats are provide (breakfasts, towels, dressing gowns, bathing accessories and additional paid services).

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National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Museums of Astana.

Near the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation there is the biggest museum in Central Asia - the National museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan. You certainly turn the look of one more unusual architectural concept. Having visited him, you will be able to travel in time and space. The entrance to the museum costs 300 tg, and also low fare tickets for children, students and pensioners work. You can use services of guides, but also independent excursion will be very informative because projectors, holographic cards, prototypes and audioguides are provided everywhere. The unique museum complex consists of seven blocks of different number of storey and most likely you will lack the whole day to bypass all halls.

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The exhibition center "Korme". Expositions in Astana

The exhibition center "Korme" - is a modern construction with the spacious halls, the stand spaces equipped with conference rooms, storage facilities and a parking.  A lot of exhibitions are organized every month  and everyone can visit what is more interesting. The complex is located on the left coast at the address Dostyk 3. The exhibition center is an indicator of cultural and historical development of the country. If you attend one of interesting exhibition you can walk on Nurzhol Boulevard among the main left-bank sights.

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Kazmedia center in Astana

"Kazmedia ortalygy" is located in Nurzhol Boulevard  near the Emerald quarter. There is one more creative place opposite to it - the exhibition center "Korme". The Kazmedia center – is the modern technological building which unites virtual studio, film-making pavilions, recording studio, conference rooms, offices of TV channels and radio stations, the exhibition hall and a co-working zone. The media school for development and advanced training of workers of mass media functions is created here.

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Nurzhol Boulevard. Green-Water Boulevard in Astana

Nurzhol Boulevard (Green Water Boulevard) – is the pedestrian zone on the left coast where administrative, housing and entertainment complexes are located. The boulevard passes from the Independence Square to shopping and recreation center "Khan Shatyr". The three-level construction is the center of the new city and the ideal place for long walks and acquaintance to the city. The boulevard called Green water because of blue-green color of buildings, a large number of fountains, trees, ideal lawns and flower avenues. Creative architectural concepts immerse you in energy of the future. Walk on the boulevard gives the chance to admire  "Emerald quarter", large "Kazmedia center's" screens, "Nothern Lights" apartments, the fountain on the round square.

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Khan Shatyr center. Sights of Astana.

Khan Shatyr center is a symbol of capital of the Republic of kazakhstan for several years. The biggest tent in the world designed by Norman Foster is located at 37 Turan street This one of the best eco-constructions in the world has the cozy atmosphere created by a large number of plants and penetration of a sunlight through a transparent roof. The unique architectural miracle includes a supermarket, fashionable corporate boutiques, food courts, offices, playgrounds and attractions. Inhabitants and guests of the capital can have a rest on the beach under a dome where all the year is +35 Celsius degree.

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