"Torgay" hotel in Astana

Hotel in a new clean and beatiful district of Astana city, in front of "Eurasia" trade center. For the guests of Astana the hotel offers standatd and deluve rooms at the reasonable prices. There is cafe, bar, laundry at the hotel. Breakfast is included.

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Category room hotel
"Torgay" hotel in Astana
14 000 KZT
14 000 KZT
Comfortable single room.
"Torgay" hotel in Astana
20 000 KZT
20 000 KZT
Comfortable deluxe room for two persons. Light and cozy. All the amenities are available.
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Address and contact
Astana, Right Bank, Satpaeva str., 15
Object orient: Eurasia shopping complex
Phone number