"Tolep" hotel

City: Astana
Area(-s): Sary-Arka; SC "Astana"; Jungar Gates; Radisson
Reference points: Moskovskaya str. and Astrakhanskaya highway crossroad
Address: 40/1 Akan Seri st.

Contact with owner

Phones: Тел./факс (87172) 37 78 09
моб. +7 (701) 979 99 44
E-Mail: Hotel.Tolep@gmail.com


Total sum: 57507
For a month: 354
A week: 107
Today: 1


Service center "Tolep" offers guests of Astana in the comfortable hotel rooms with all amenities. In the courtyard of the hotel has a cafe where you can enjoy national and European cuisine. Near convenient parking. "Tolep" - a symbol of hospitality.

Room categories

Single room 6 000 tenge 33 $ 2 500 руб.

We arrived in Astana for business or just to see the capital, you will be comfortable to rest in a single room of our hotel. After all, despite its small size, you will find everything you might need.

Double Room 8 000 tenge 44 $ 3 333 руб.

For your convenience, our hotel has double rooms. Simple, but comfortable and convenient!

Deluxe Room 12 000 tenge 67 $ 5 000 руб.

For your comfort, we can offer you a luxury room. The spacious room with a large bed relax.

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