Hotel Complex "Ai-Sa"

Hotel Complex

 Hotel Complex "Ai-Sa" is in the old market area. Convenient location, on-site hotel is a cafe, sauna clock. The cozy and comfortable rooms at affordable prices. In the rooms of everything for you, cable TV, telephone, shower.

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Category room hotel
Hotel Complex "Ai-Sa"
8 000 KZT
8 000 KZT
Standard cozy and comfortable gladly accommodate 2 people. For stays from 1 day in the room rate includes breakfast.
Hotel Complex "Ai-Sa"
12 000 KZT
12 000 KZT
The cozy and decorated in a classic style, this category comfortably accommodate 2 guests.
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Address and contact
Nur-Sultan, Right Bank, 54 Alimzhanov st.
Object orient: area of Autopark №2
Phone number