Semi-luxe room
Sleeping places
"Altyn Adam" hotel offers semi-luxe advanced room. Two spacious rooms - living room and bedroom. All the facilities. Telephone, refrigerator, minibar, cable TV. Shower cubicle in bathroom. Air-conditioner.
land line
disposable hygiene products
cable TV
TV with foreign channels
shower cabin
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Other room types
"Altyn adam" hotel complex
13 000 KZT
13 000 KZT
Single room at "Altyn Adam" hotel with all the conveniences. Shower cubicle, cable TV, telephone. Half day price is 6000tg.
"Altyn adam" hotel complex
15 000 KZT
15 000 KZT
Spacious standard room for 2 persons at "Altyn Adam" hotel. Comfort.
"Altyn adam" hotel complex
21 000 KZT
21 000 KZT
Luxurious single room of "Altyn Adam" hotel makes one feel home comfort and warmng. Two rooms - spacios living room and cosy bedroom with wide...
17 000 KZT
Standard price
Address and contact
Astana, Right Bank, 26 Seifullin str.
Object orient: Pucha shopping center, №1 polyclinic
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