Hostel "DOS"

Separate entrance: There is, Number of bathrooms: 4
Man room, Women room
In the center of the city on Abay-Respublika, in the business-class house of the Merey-Intercontini RC a new hostel "DOS" was opened. Half a day - 1500, daily rent - 2000, a week - 8000, a fortnight - 15000, a month for 25000 tenge. Comfortable conditions - 4 bathrooms, 4 shower rooms, 4 sinks. Lounge with plasma TV. Opposite to an inexpensive network of dining rooms "Tagam". Free Wi-Fi, security, concierge, video surveillance, 24-hour reception, two balconies. We have complete order, cleanliness and silence. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.
Stats total: 10902
Stats month: 343
Stats week: 62
Stats today: 3
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Address and contact
Astana, Right Bank, Abay 45/1
Object orient: Ramada Plaza
Phone number