Hostel "Best" | Astana

Separate entrance: There is, Number of bathrooms: 22

The largest hostel in Astana
The advantages of our hostel:
Small price. Beds from 2,000 kzt. There are also VIP rooms.
 Convenient location. Located in the heart of the left bank. Walking distance to cafes, restaurants, supermarket, convenience store, pharmacy, playground, sports fields, "Nur Astana" mosque
 Facilities. A large number of showers, bathrooms, free wi-fi, hair dryer, iron, washing machine. 2 equipped kitchen areas. Working area with a small library.
 We prohibit all, without exception, to guests to drink alcohol on the territory of our hostel
Providing the right not to pay for early check-in.
In the entire hostel it is forbidden to smoke cigarettes
 With us you can always discuss individual living conditions.
Shuttle service from / to the airport, bus / railway station, the cost of the transfer contract.
Entrance to the hostel for clients available around the clock and has a card entrance system throughput.
 The hostel has a system of external and internal video surveillance.
The hostel is equipped with a modern fire alarm system and emergency exits has indicated appropriate warning signs.

Beauty salon
Automated Teller Machine
Street parking
Air ticket office
Clothing store
Shopping center
Concert Hall
Swiming pool
Fitness center
Children's playground
Football field
Notary officer
Stats total: 5132
Stats month: 193
Stats week: 40
Stats today: 4
Category room hostel
Hostel "Best" | Astana
7 000 KZT
7 000 KZT
Suite Room includes the presence of a TV, 2 double beds, bathroom, 2 bedside tables, wardrobe.
Hostel "Best" | Astana
2 000 KZT
2 000 KZT
Beds with wooden bunk beds.
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Address and contact
Astana, Left Bank, Kabanbai Batyr 42
Object orient: Kabanbai Batyr 42, LCD Infinity 2, next to the shopping center "Asia Park"
Phone number
Instagram: astanabesthostel