Separate entrance: There is, Number of bathrooms: 4
Stats total: 6049
Stats month: 74
Stats week: 24
Stats today: 1
Category room hostel
7 000 KZT
7 000 KZT
• Standard double room with shared bed, white bed linen, towel, wet cleaning daily, linen change weekly, tea / coffee / water during the day...
3 000 KZT
3 000 KZT
• Standard four-bedded room with twin beds, windows face the street, in the room 4 lockers (cupboard) sunny side,
2 500 KZT
2 500 KZT
• Six-bed common room for women with bunk beds The standard cost of living is from 3000 tenge per bed per day (depending on the...
2 500 KZT
2 500 KZT
• Ten-bed dormitory for men with bunk beds The price includes bed linen, towels, tea / coffee / water during the day and Internet access.
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Astana, Left Bank,
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