Bath Koktal-2

Bath Koktal-2
Get "3+1" promotion": Pay for 3 hours and get the 4th hour as a gift (the number of people in the group should be more than 3) 2-3 adults/hour-800 Tg for each 4 adults/hour - 750tg for each 5 adult/hour -700 KZT for each 6 adults/hour-4000 Tg in total. Children (children under 10 years) /hour -400 Tg. Our sauna in Koktal-2, Arkalyk 8 - the only place where You can spend a great time with your friends, colleagues and family members! Moreover, here you can buy special brooms for baths, sheets, towels, fir oil, tea, etc. for a very reasonable price! Our customers are everything! Everything is done for your convenience and a great pastime! Working around the clock. If you want to use our services and book a place , call our room. Address: Arkalyk 8, Koktal-2. In the "Sayanur", in front of the kindergarten. You can find us in the app 2gis this link (
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Astana, Right Bank, Arkalyk 8
Object orient: Kazakhstan, Astana, Right Bank Koktal-2, Saryarka district
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