Hotel "Samruk" | Alakol

Hotel "Samruk" - a new hotel on the south coast of Alakol lake, in the village of Akshi. Hotel "Samruk" - this is your reasonable and right choice for a comfortable stay at the Alakol. You can personally experience the quality of service offered. You will enjoy 4-level hotel, 350 meters from the beach.
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Category room hotel
Hotel "Samruk" | Alakol
10 500 KZT
10 500 KZT
Bungalow for four people
Hotel "Samruk" | Alakol
11 000 KZT
11 000 KZT
Standard Double Room.
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Address and contact
Alakol, Alakol, Akshi village
Object orient: Located on the southern coast of the Alakol lake, in the village of Akshi, near the rest house "Comfort"
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