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Hotel "Sunkar" provides a full range of hotel services. Hotel "Sunkar" - is a hotel complex of international class, which has 22 rooms and is located in a favorable location away from the hustle and bustle. All rooms present a minibar and satellite TV with 80 channels, all rooms are equipped with air conditioning and private bathrooms. The hotel also offers free wireless internet access. The hotel is open every day around the clock. Breakfast - included in the price. In our complex there is a shop for the convenience of customers, as well as a dining area.

At the hotel there is a guarded car park. Transfer and security will ensure a safe and comfortable stay. For our regular customers a system of loyalty cards, assuming various types of discounts.

Street parking
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Aktobe, District 8; District 5;, Aktobe, Shalkar city, street. Tungatarova 360
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