Conference room "Cosmed"

Conference room
Conference room in the clinic "Cosmed" for 20-30 seats. The rent includes: computer, projector "Epson", whiteboard, cosmetology couch, mobile cosmetology table, 2 tables. The room is equipped with quartz. Additionally, a sterilization kit for cosmetic procedures. Cost: 1 hour - 10.000tg. When renting for 6 hours or more: 60.000tg. Subject to participation in the seminar of doctors of the clinic "Cosmed" discount - 10.000tg. Conference room for events related to medical activities.
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Aktobe, Abul Khair Khan Ave.; Str. Eset Batyr; pr. Alia Moldagulova, st. Patsaeva 28
Object orient: BSMP stop
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