Hotel "Ai Aru"

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City: Shymkent
Area(-s): Center
Reference points: Напротив школы 52, 7 минут езды от аэропорта, рядом с рынком Самал
Address: Neighborhood Telman Street, Al Farabi
Number of rooms: 8

Contact with owner

Phones: +7 (778) 144 48 52


Total sum: 4475
For a month: 562
A week: 121
Today: 7


Not far from the market Samal. Enumeration of the services: kitchen, air conditioning, wardrobe, parking, LCD TV. Also in this complex is a billiard room, toyhana. It is the most affordable in the city of Shymkent. The hotel itself is on the second floor of the building.


Cafe Street parking Shop
Pharmacy Supermarket Notary officer
Beauty salon Restaurant

Room categories


Double with private facilities 3 000 tenge 9 $ 750 руб.

Neighborhood Telman Day 5000 n 12 hours 3000 n, 2000 2:00 mr. Al Farabi Street, opposite the school number 52. The list of services: free parking, air conditioning, iron, ironing, vacuum cleaner, satellite, shower, hot water, LCD TV, dishes 1 and 2, coffee in bed, hot and cold drinks, alcoholic drinks…

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A cafe

we have prepared with sophistication


hour 600-1000 tenge VIP rooms

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