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"Binar" hotel Semey

"Binar" hotel 5 900 - 20 000 tenge 18 - 61 $ 1 475 - 5 000 руб.

Area: Lenin st.
Wi-Fi free
"Binar" hotel is a 2 storey building with comfortable hotel rooms, restaurants, summer cafe, sauna and swimming pool. There are 17 hotel rooms. Every room is equipped with conditioner, cable TV, telephone.…
"Semey" hotel Semey

"Semey" hotel 4 500 - 18 000 tenge 14 - 55 $ 1 125 - 4 500 руб.

Area: Kabanbay batyr st.
Wi-Fi free
"Semey" hotel is located near the centre of the town, which is very comfortable for the visitant to reach any place of interest. The wide range of services will make you feel comfortable.There is "Semey" restaurant,…
"Aigerim" hotel Semey

"Aigerim" hotel 5 000 - 10 000 tenge 15 - 30 $ 1 250 - 2 500 руб.

There are hotels of suite and semi-suite type. There is disco-club, sauna, restaurant and cafe at the hotel. Every hotel room is equipped with everything necessary.
"Rich" hotel Semey

"Rich" hotel 8 000 - 11 000 tenge 24 - 33 $ 2 000 - 2 750 руб.

Area: Abay st.
The new comfortable hotel "Rich" in Semey invites guests to stay in bright, clean rooms at reasonable prices. The river Irtysh is located not far from the hotel. Excellent service and friendly atmosphere will…
"Nomad"  hotel| Semey Semey

"Nomad" hotel| Semey 13 000 - 50 000 tenge 39 - 152 $ 3 250 - 12 500 руб.

Area: center
Wi-Fi free
"Nomad" hotel is the first hotel of international class, which is located in Semey town. The hotel is located in the centre of Semey, near business and administrative areas. The hotel windows face the central…
"Alina" hotel Semey

"Alina" hotel 3 000 - 5 500 tenge 9 - 17 $ 750 - 1 375 руб.

Area: Dulatov st.
Wi-Fi free
The small hotel "Alina" is located in the live district of Semey close to the market. The services of the hotel include a cosy cafe with National and European cuisine. There is parking across the road from…
"Tourist" hotel Semey

"Tourist" hotel 2 500 - 2 500 tenge 8 - 8 $ 625 - 625 руб.

Area: Dzhambul st.
Wi-Fi free
"Tourist" hotel is located on the left bank of Irtysh river. There is a cinema nearby the hotel. There is a sauna, canteen and laundry at the hotel. Every hotel room is equipped with shower stall, telephone,…
"Salem" hotel Semey

"Salem" hotel 2 000 - 4 000 tenge 6 - 12 $ 500 - 1 000 руб.

Area: Dulatov st.
"Salem" hotel is located near the bus station of Semipalatinsk town. The hotel is located on the 2-nd floor of 9-storey building. There are cafes, shops, saloons nearby. The hotel is 5 minutes away from the…

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