"Uventa" Hotel

City: Petropavlovsk
Area(-s): Kolkhoz market
Reference points:

Contact as owner

Phones: +7 (7152) 33 02 33
+7 (707) 242 75 55
E-Mail: tarasov33333@mail.ru


Total sum: 6369
For a month: 251
A week: 62
Today: 5


Hotel "Juventa" in the heart of the city, the price per day starts from 3000 tenge. 20 rooms accommodate up to 50 people. In 3 minutes from the railway station, the distance to both stadiums is 1 km. For visitors there are canteen and free parking. For group arrivals the price can be changed, the phone for booking: +77779015999, +79503309330


Restaurant Cafe Street parking

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