Hotel "Altyn Adam"

City: Petropavlovsk
Area(-s): Central Park
Reference points:
Address: 70b, Sutyushev st.

Contact as owner

Phones: +7 (7152) 398 661


Total sum: 41967
For a month: 465
A week: 133
Today: 16


"Altyn Adam" isa hotel complex in Petropavlovsk with a restaurant amd comfortable hotel rooms. Luxury, modern comfort and high level of service - "Altyn Adam" is the perfect place for relaxation after a busy business day.

Room categories


Deluxe of "Altyn Adam" Hotel, Petropavlovsk 19 000 tenge 62 $ 4 750 руб.

Two-bedroom hotel room one or two guests. The best variant for couples or families with children. All the amenities for guests of the Hotel Altyn Adam.

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