"Ak Shanirak" hotel

City: Kostanay
Area(-s): Neighbourhoods; KZHBI
Reference points: Right bank of Tobol river

Contact as owner

Phones: 8 (7142) 22 38 99
+7 (701) 240 73 05


Total sum: 31802
For a month: 330
A week: 64
Today: 1


 "Ak Shanirak" is a hotel of Kostanay that combines national colorit and high standards of service. The hotel is located on the right bank of Tobol river. Friendly atmosphere and comfort won't leave you indifferent. At guests service dishes of national and european cuisines at the restaurant with a splendid view of Kostanay and river. 14 spacious rooms.


Room categories

  • ресторан

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