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Standing majestically in the heart of the left bank of Astana City, the Diplomat Hotel & Business Center is a well-known landmark that caters and offer all services and facilities that can be expected from a top class hotel to business and leisure travelers. Conveniently located 30 minutes away from Astana International Airport and close to plenty of Astana’s attractive gems, the Baiterek Tower, the Singing Fountain, the water green Boulevard and plenty of Astana’s shopping Malls.

Dining options at the hotel’s bar and restaurants range from sumptuous buffets to authentic Kazak traditional favorites. “Terazza“restaurant offers daily breakfast and business lunch buffet, Lobby Bar is the perfect place for coffee, ice cream, homemade

Beauty salon
Automated Teller Machine
Street parking
Air ticket office
Swiming pool
Fitness center
Notary officer
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Category room hotel
Hotel "Diplomat" | Astana
42 000 KZT
42 000 KZT
There are rooms with a view of the symbol of the capital of "Baiterek". Classic stylish design will help you to feel yourself in the...
Hotel "Diplomat" | Astana
57 000 KZT
57 000 KZT
Junior Suite room is designed for one person or for couples. Feature rooms of this type is that in addition to lounges has a guest,...
Hotel "Diplomat" | Astana
46 000 KZT
46 000 KZT
This room is for two guests. The room has two twin beds. Room size is 34 square meters.
Hotel "Diplomat" | Astana
82 000 KZT
82 000 KZT
The rooms of this class are designed for single use or for couples. This room has a special design and refined furniture. Suite room, as...
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Address and contact
Astana, Left Bank, Left side of Ishim, D. Konaev st. 29/1
Object orient: "the Baiterek Tower"
Phone number