"Altyn adam" hotel complex

City: Astana
Area(-s): Mira street; Pucha; Kolos trade center
Reference points: Pucha shopping center, №1 polyclinic
Address: 26 Seifullin str.

Contact as owner

Phones: 8 (7172) 327 724
8 (7172) 327 134
8 (7172) 322 418
Факс: 8 (7172) 403034. сот.+77018288372
E-Mail: altyn.adam@mail.ru


Total sum: 52046
For a month: 595
A week: 146
Today: 1


Room categories

Standard single room 13 000 tenge 87 $ 2 626 руб.

Single room at "Altyn Adam" hotel with all the conveniences. Shower cubicle, cable TV, telephone. Half day price is 6000tg.

Standard 2-person room 15 000 tenge 98 $ 3 030 руб.

Spacious standard room for 2 persons at "Altyn Adam" hotel. Comfort.

Semi-luxe room 17 000 tenge 111 $ 3 434 руб.

"Altyn Adam" hotel offers semi-luxe advanced room. Two spacious rooms - living room and bedroom. All the facilities. Telephone, refrigerator, minibar, cable TV. Shower cubicle in bathroom. Air-conditioner.

Deluxe single room 21 000 tenge 137 $ 4 242 руб.

Luxurious single room of "Altyn Adam" hotel makes one feel home comfort and warmng. Two rooms - spacios living room and cosy bedroom with wide comfortable bed. There is mini-bar, refrigerator, television, telephone, shower cubicle with hydromassager, air-conditioner.

On the map


Сауна гостиницы
  • Сауна гостиницы
  • Сауна гостиницы
  • Сауна гостиницы
  • Сауна гостиницы
  • Сауна гостиницы

"Altyn adam" hotel complex includes sauna and swimming pool, comfortable rooms of rest. The rate is 2500 tg per hour. Billiards and massage parlour are at guests disposal.


  • Кафе

"Altyn Adam" hotel complex invites all the guests to visit cafe. Comfortable hall where one can have lunch or dinner and spend spare time with friends. Breakfast for the hotel visitors is included into price.

Internet pot

Интернет зал
  • Интернет зал

Internet is available for all the guests of "Altyn Adam" hotel. There is all the necessary equipment - printer, copier, scanner.

Hotel interior

  • гостиница
  • гостиница
  • гостиница
  • гостиница
  • гостиница
  • гостиница

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