Tourist base * Shaitankol *

Tourist base * Shaitankol *
The tourist base * Shaitankol * invites all tourists for an unforgettable vacation. See the Devil's Lake (Shaitankol) which is 1200m away. The sea level, the bottom of which is connected with the Pacific Ocean. Come and let us show you and tell you about it. In the clearing there is spring water. Here you can rent tents, gazebos, tents. Rent of tents 5000tg per day. There is a brazier, a samovar, a kazan-hearth, music. There are rooms for overnight stays !!!! Residential container for 10 people. Price per person 2000t. Not far from us there are fields where you can pick mushrooms and berries. And the lake where you can swim and fish. All the holidaymakers who were with us were satisfied. We are waiting for you. Who is the first time in Karkaralinsk to make an excursion. Hurry !!!!! our pages in the otdyx_karkar instagram. VK: Rest in Krakaralinsk. All questions are by phone 8702 42 555 88. we book in advance.
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Tourist base * Shaitankol *
2 500 KZT
2 500 KZT
Residential container for 8-10 people. Clean bed, light is available. At night it is warm and cozy.
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